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We offer every new SKiT student a FREE Taster Class or Enroll Your Child and Receive a Discount!

The no risk way for your child to try Spotlight Kids Theater.

Sampling a FREE taster class is a great way for SKiT to demonstrate our lively methodology to you and your child.

Enrolling today secures your child’s place for the term and we will credit you the equivalent of one FREE class from the total.

To keep your child company, suggest their friends try a FREE taster class too. For every one friend who continues, you’ll earn a voucher valued at the price of a class.


Our Mission…

Your child’s development is at the heart of everything we do during Spotlight Kids Theater’s (SKiT) acting classes. Our unique activities will enhance your child’s confidence, improve their creativity, and provide a safe outlet to make new friends and have fun.

SKiT has developed age specific, original curriculum to bring out your child’s true potential.  Our teachers encourage your child to try out talents they might not know they have, and take risks in a safe, noncompetitive environment.

Enabling your child to continually thrive when ‘under life’s spotlight’ is our ultimate goal. 

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“ SKiT is magical! It is hands down the best activity my daughter has participated in. ” – Amy Butterworth 


“ My son had no interest in the theater until he saw his sister having so much fun at class. Now they both want to attend SKiT! ” – Dot Couden


“ My little boy overflows with energy, so I appreciate how Spotlight Kids Theater directs it in a positive creative way. ” – Edward Wong


“ My 5 year-old daughter gets so excited every Wednesday morning when I remind her that it’s SKiT day after school! ” – Ashley Tobias


“ Spotlight Kids Theater is more about the kids than the theater. Everyone has a great time, thanks to SKiT’s philosophy that fun comes first.” – Paul Nicklin


“ This class is amazing! My 4 year old blossomed in creativity and courage this last year and we are already signed up for Fall!. ” – List Tamam


“ I love SKiT because they do all their own songs and scripts. I don’t know what I’m going to see, but I know it will be new and different. ” – Betty Smith-Rosenthal