Spotlight Kids Theater

At SKiT, we write our own age appropriate material for each of the three terms that follow the academic calendar.  The unique thematic scripts, songs, and poems for each one ignites the children’s imaginations.

Each term we meet our mascots, Stanley and Annie, and travel with them on a brand new adventure to a world full of wonder and challenges which stimulate your child’s magical learning experience.

Each theme is accompanied by a large colorful sticker poster to be completed weekly. The weekly stickers mark your child’s progress as they learn our songs, dances and poems over the course of the term; the stickers also reinforce that days learning by acting as a conversation starter post-class.

We also provide our Songs and Videos to help your child continue learning the material at home.  At the end of the term, your child will celebrate with friends and family what they have learned during a final showcase.


Previously at SKiT….


Annie and Stanley travel to Camp Tukanaway to help Richard and Louise save their Safari reservation! A combination of very old-fashioned elephants and some lyrical leopards are causing mayhem between all the animals! Restore the balance to the circle of life in Africa!


Dive deep under the sea, in our submarine and help Jason rescue his father from the Evil Queen Persephone and her ancient, mythical kingdom of Atlantis. Annie and Stanley must brave the depths of the Ocean to find this mystical land and reunite a family!


While on a school field trip, Stanley and Annie’s class are suddenly whisked away via spaceship to a planet inhabited entirely by Super Heroes.  Invisibelle and her friends need the children’s help to overcome the monstrous noises made by the malefactor, Drill!