Spotlight Kids Theater

Spotlight Kids Theater (SKiT) was launched by James and Bekka in 2014. Your child’s development is at the heart of everything we do during SKiT acting classes. Our unique activities will enhance your child’s confidence, improve their creativity, and provide a safe outlet to make new friends and have fun.

SKiT has developed age specific, original curriculum to bring out your child’s true potential. Our teachers encourage your child to try out talents they might not know they have, and take risks in a safe, noncompetitive environment.

Enabling your child to continually thrive when ‘under life’s spotlight’ is our ultimate goal.

 SKiT’s Leaders

Bekka Lindstrom - Spotlight Kids Theater

Bekka Lindstrom  |  Actress and Designer 

Bekka is a New York actor who has performed off-Broadway, regionally and in London.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Cinema Studies from New York University, and is creative director of her own design studio.  Bekka believes theater transforms the lives of young people and follows them throughout their careers whether they wind up on Broadway or the boardroom. Her enthusiasm and energy drive Spotlight Kids Theater’s success.



James Pitts - Spotlight Kids TheaterJames Pitts  |  Owner and Entrepreneur

James spent his youth performing in a community theater founded by his parents in 1981, the Open Door Theater Company of Acton, Massachusetts.  Despite questionable talent, James was elected “Class Actor” at his High School graduation.  Why?  Because the
training and skills he learned as a kid continued to serve him well – and still do.

Once he became a father himself, James sought out ways to make the theater a part of his own children’s experience.  He now hopes to do the same for yours.  Like Bekka, James believes in the transformative powers of the theater to develop confidence, creativity, coordination and collaborative skills.


Our friendly, welcoming staff provides a supportive atmosphere for your child to have fun and grow at their own pace.  Every week, your SKiT teachers will update you on your children’s accomplishments.  At the end of each term, you will receive written feedback about your child’s development.

Unlike other drama classes for kids that operate on a franchise model, we recruit our own teachers.  Every one of them undergoes a rigorous selection and training program to ensure they embody SKiT’s philosophy.

All our teachers undergo background and reference checks, to ensure your child is in the best of hands. 

 The Class

At SKiT our classes are split into three sections.


We begin our classes with easy to follow, rapid-reaction games to make the children feel right at home! Our imagination based and yoga-inspired warm up then leads into the coordination and balance focus of Music.  Over time, this portion of the class will give your child greater self-assurance and confidence in their physical abilities.


Within the middle section, children learn songs, tongue-twisters, and raps. By using modern and humorous rhymes we will develop your child’s communication skills while bringing kids together in a collaborative ensemble. Our all-original songs introduce the children to different genres of music from Pop-Rock and Opera to traditional Musical Theater and Pop. This section allows us to work with the children in a group and as individuals, giving them a chance to develop their musical skills and verbal fluency.


Next comes the drama-based fun.  Encouraging learning through play, SKiT uses character exploration, storytelling and improvisation to expand imaginations and encourage children’s creativity.  Our talented teachers, using their strong theater backgrounds, bring this section alive and makes it wondrous. This segment improves children’s attention while developing creativity and collaborative skills in a fun way.

 Ready to give it a try?

We offer every child the chance to try a SKiT class for FREE.  This is the perfect way for you and your child to experience our class with no obligation to continue attending.

Our classes are held after school (60 minutes) and on weekends (90 minutes.) See Class Schedule for details.

Please click here to register your details and book a completely FREE taster session.